An Ethos of Creation

God has given us, the human race, stewardship of the earth
And yet ultimately the earth belongs to God, not us
God has given us a great task. To tend, cultivate and protect His garden
Not ours
This earth is wondrous. Immense. Perilous
This earth is fragile. Delicate. Precarious
The earth gives us much. Beauty. Inspiration. Life.
The earth gives to us out of abundance
But we should receive with a humble heart. A gracious heart. A prudent heart.
Only taking what is necessary.
For if we are greedy, if we are covetous
The soul of this earth will be ravaged and plundered, raped and pillaged.
The earth is like Christ. The bride of the Church.
The earth is our bride too. The bride of humanity.
Thus, we should treat it as such.
With humility. With selflessness. And with simplicity.
For all the beasts, all the trees, the mountains and the seas
They too are part of creation
Man is not their master
But their shepherd.

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