A Letter from France

The day after the election my mother received a poetically written letter of encouragement in an email from our sweet, dear friend Brijit. She and her two cats live in France, in a two-tiered chalet tucked along the slope of a mountain in the French Alps, the silhouette of Mont Blanc visible on the horizon. Her words brought me much comfort.

Hi my love

I can’t help thinking of you on that day.

The Donald duck has won with money and horrible ideas.

such is democracy …..

in France, next elections won’t be better…..

I’m  dreaming of a better world
with people like  you and me.

yes we can love each other !

a lot of kisses

I miss you, I miss people so lovely than you

your friend,


It isn’t hard to imagine the sound of her adorable broken English seeped in a thick, rich French accent. I’m so thankful for beautiful, kind souls like hers, during a time like this.

Merci beaucoup Brijit.


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