Brave New World by Amanda Cook


Amanda Cook’s music is drenched in the Holy Spirit. Her words reach down in the depths of my soul and utterly destroy any walls I’ve attempted to put up. A couple of her songs have been speaking to me lately, bringing me the closest to God that I’ve felt in my life. Her debut album Brave New World is truly a glimpse at the heart of who God is. The tracks Mercy and Pieces are perhaps the two most radiant and glorious works of art I’ve experienced in my life. Another song on the album, The Voyage, has also captivated my heart. The Voyage is just pure beauty, pure worship. I’ve listened to this song over and over and each time I am overwhelmed by the sense of purpose, of peace and of joy that it gives me. There aren’t enough words to describe the euphoric serenity that comes from the place that these songs take me to. Knowing that the core of her music is grounded in Jesus-centered theology is not just refreshing, but rare. When Amanda sings, “Mercy triumphs over judgment,” it’s not just another tired line of worship, but an incredible reality that many of us still fail to understand fully. Mercy triumphs over judgment! God is making ALL things beautiful, even the things we believe can’t be reconciled. All I can say is that God is continually pushing the boundaries of my understanding of who he is and it is breathtaking.



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